Amber's Language, Music & Play - Learning French through sign-language and song.

About me

I am a qualified teacher with over 20 years' experience of working with children and young people.  I developed the technique of using sign language to reinforce language learning while working as a French teacher and as a French theatre workshop leader.  I also have a degree in Psychology and an understanding of child development and language acquisition.
My vision
  • To help mums and other carers of children feel confident about introducing their baby or child to another language, without feeling they need to be an expert.
  • To give babies and children early exposure to a foreign language and to sign language.
What I offer
Amber's Language Music and Play is a structured group where you can learn French and sign-language with your baby or child through music and other creative activities.  Read more
I also offer pre-school/nursery and school based sessions.  Read more

How did this journey start?

Before I got pregnant with my newest addition, my little boy Paul, (whose photo is in most of my advertising!), I was working in Primary Schools, performing plays completely in French with the children and developed the technique of putting sign-language and mime with the French.  The aim was to help the children to understand every word of French that was spoken and therefore have the confidence to speak some French themselves.  I discovered that the sign-language helped the children to understand the meaning of the French words, and also helped me to speak the French slowly enough and in a rhythmic way so that the children could repeat whole sentences in French. 

After I had my little boy, I was deciding what I should do next and my friend pointed out that I was good at singing and she had always enjoyed coming along to the toddler music sessions I used to run when I first had my older daughter.  I'm still not sure exactly how the idea came together but I decided to put the French together with the music and sign-language, and Amber's Language, Music and Play was born. 

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