Amber's Language, Music & Play - Learning French through sign-language and song.
Frequently asked questions
Q. Do very small children benefit from learning another language when they are still trying to learn English?
A. Yes, Yes, Yes!  Babies are born with the ability to produce the sounds of all the languages in the world, and babies who are brought up in homes where more than one language is spoken switch with ease from one language to another as they learn to speak.
Q. Why British signs with French spoken language? 
A. Sign Language is very visual and works well because most signs are based on the meaning of the word.  Learning the sign alongside the French words helps the children to remember the meaning of the word.  Also, you can use the signs at home with English words to help the child understand the meaning even more. 
Q. I'm nervous about getting the French wrong when I am at home with my child.  What should I do?

A. There is research to suggest that the children are able to filter out the errors made by adults who do not know a language well, and still benefit from any attempts made to communicate with them in the language being taught, so feel free to have a good go and have fun with French at home.

I find that adults tend to increase in their confidence with French really quickly once they start attending the groups.  My song and sign packs contain the song words, key words and signs for each topic, and I have now produced video tutorials for you to use at home.

Most of the songs are actually English ones that I have translated into French so if you want to sing the songs in English along with the signs at home to start with, this is usually a good beginning, until you are feeling a bit happier with the French.

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