Amber's Language, Music & Play - Learning French through sign-language and song.
Nursery and Pre-school Classes

Classes available

Baby Music and Play Sessions are aimed at children from newborn to when the children are more mobile and less likely to remain in one place without quite a bit of persuasion! 
Toddler Music and Play Sessions are aimed at children who are more mobile and can engage for up to 20 minutes when presented with a variety of activities.

Pre-schooler Music and Play Sessions are aimed at children aged 3 and over, and include role-play activities as well as music.

There is no  strict criteria for each group based around the age, but I can negotiate with you based on the abilities of the child. 

How the classes work
The classes for the younger children operate in a similar way to toddler music groups.  There is a Hello and Goodbye song, with a number of songs in between based around a theme.  I have French-speaking puppets, a bubble machine, and relevant toys and activities to increase the fun. 

For the older children, there are games and activities to accompany the songs, and interactive story-telling, involving dress-up for each topic.  For example, The Three Little Pigs, We're going on a Bear Hunt, for the animals topic.  

Nursery staff are expected to accompany the children and join in with the activities.

Early Years Foundation Stage Links
Click below to see how each theme links with the criteria for the EYFS .

The themes are designed to last for 6-8 weeks, but this can be flexible.  I currently have the following themes available, but I am happy to create new ones, on request, to match your topic.

My body and movement
My Family
Travel and Transport
The World - Animals
The World - Summer, Sea and Sand
The World - Environments

COMING SOON for 2016:

Easter (2 week topic)

La Ville (Town - a term-long topic)

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