Amber's Language, Music & Play - Learning French through sign-language and song.
What I offer
Language, music and play groups
Come with your little one to a friendly group, where you will meet my French-speaking puppets and sing familiar songs in French, supported by signs based on British Sign Language.  Songs and activities are based around a topic, which changes about every 6 to 8 weeks.  Sessions are available for children aged from birth to pre-school age. 

Classes for younger children operate in a similar way to toddler music groups.  There is a Hello and Goodbye song, with a number of songs in between based around a topic.  I have French-speaking puppets, a bubble machine, and relevant toys and activities to increase the fun. 

For the older children, there are games and activities to accompany the songs, and interactive story-telling, involving dress-up for each topic.  For example, The Three Little Pigs, We're going on a Bear Hunt.  

How does it work?

The songs and signs are based around things young children enjoy, like food, families and animals and, because the signs are British, you can learn them and use them to help you communicate with your little one at home.

The majority of the tunes I use are familiar British nursery rhymes and I have set French words to them, although I do use some authentic French songs that you are probably familiar with, like Frère Jacques.

I spend part of each session focussing on the adults and helping you with your signing and your French, and there are Song and Sign packs that you can take home (if you want to practice!). 

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Nursery/pre-school sessions
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